About us

AM is famed as one of the biggest law firms in Armenia. The firm was founded as a result of a merger of two prominent law firms which have been operating in the market for more than 10 years. The firm has a proficient team comprising of lawyers and experts with diversified educational backgrounds and experiences.

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Our Principles
  • Reasonable price

    Our services are not moderate. However we never receive excess profit. Long-term collaboration and good name are more valuable for us than the biggest compensation. Our clients are well aware that they are paying for services of highest quality.
  • Promptness

    We are highly ethical in our work. We give promises which we can keep. The time periods set by our team are always real and stable.
  • Fidelity

    We always give our clients the real picture of their cases. We respect the rights of our clients and keep in mind what obligations we have before them.
  • Audacity

    We are not afraid of our opponents and other possible risks. We thoroughly evaluate our opportunities and take the case till the end. Our clients never suffer of our cautiousness.
  • Transparency

    We constantly keep our clients updated on the procedure and status of their cases. We are ready to present to them any relevant document and consultation at all times. Our clients never meet bad surprises.
  • Confidentiality

    We shape our commitment on non-disclosure of clients' information legally, based on agreements not only with the clients but also with our employees. We guarantee that clients' information is kept private at all times.
  • Diligence

    Our experienced experts do not ever spare time on meticulously researching the legislation and always find the best solution for the specific case. Our clients enjoy every letter of the law.
  • Proficiency and Creativeness

    Whenever other lawyers reject conducting a complicated case, we are persistently moving forward for alternative solutions. We tend to look outside the box and find the alternative opportunity within the law. Our clients enjoy the real and possible legal protection.

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