"AM" Law Firm’s Consecutive Pro Bono case: Compensation Received From the Insurance Company.

30 January, 2014

RA citizen Hovhannes Tumasyan addressed "AM" law firm with the request of legal assistance in restoring his violated rights. Due to unfortunate circumstances he had been hospitalized and had received medical services at “Qancor” cardio-vascular medical centre. As per the insurance policy with Nairi Insurance Company, Mr. Tumasyan had to receive compensation for the medical expenses. However his application for the compensation had been denied.

Coming to know the case "AM" law firm decided to lead Mr. Tumasyan’s case on Pro bono basis. Thus, "AM" lawyers addressed the insurance company as the representatives of Mr. Tumasyan. Another denial by Nairi Insurance Company was made. However "AM" lawyers did not step back and submitted a relevant claim to the office of RA Financial System Mediator. As a result the office of RA Financial System Mediator adopted a favorable decision and set a binding obligation for Nairi Insurance Company to compensate the medical expenses made by Mr. Tumasyan. Thus, thanks to the diligent work of AM law firm the rights of the citizen were successfully restored.

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