The hopeless commitment of 5 million drams was redeemed thanks to the efforts of the advocate of "AM"

20 June, 2019

The client entrusted her debt portfolio to the "AM" Law Firm and requested effective settlement and debt repayment. After reviewing the entire package, Hayk Barseghyan, head of the company's debt collection department, proposed individual solutions for each case.

With the help of a single work program with debtors developed by the Debt Collection Service, the parties reached a long settlement of the dispute that did not disrupt the mutually beneficial relationship and business relationship, following which the debtor has fully repaid his long-delayed debt.

This victory reaffirms the policy of the service adopted years ago, which combines the extrajudicial and judicial resolution of disputes and the simultaneous negotiation with debtors and customers which are essential tools for achieving positive and successful results.

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