David Hunanyan, partner in “AM” Law Firm, was interviewed by the newspaper “Кавказский вестник” about the property rights situation in Armenia

26 July, 2019

The lawyer noted that the right of  property in Armenia is guaranteed at the constitutional level.

“The laws and regulations of Armenia fully and completely regulate this area of social relations.

In terms of international law, Armenia has signed all the major human rights treaties that provide for and guarantee the right of  property (European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, etc.),” he said.

David Hunanyan presented the structure of the Armenian judicial system and spoke about the Supreme Court, the decisions of which constitute precedents for other courts.

About the effectiveness of the judicial system in protecting the property rights of citizens, the lawyer replied:

“It is quite difficult to answer to the question of the effectiveness of the country's judicial system, but the number and content of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights can be an indicator. To date, the ECHR has issued more than 20 decisions against Armenia over property rights violations.”

The information provided by “AM” advocate on the situation in the area of property rights in Armenia can be found in the "Thematic Dialogues 2019" e-bulletin.

Link: http://www.publicdialogues.info/…/Topical%20dialogues%20N3%…

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