The labor dispute between employer and employee was resolved through the efforts of "AM" lawyers

7 August, 2019

The organization applied to "AM" Law Firm for settling a labor dispute. The problem was clear. Since the client did not wish to continue working with the employee, it was therefore necessary to terminate the employment contract between the parties in a short time, providing mutually acceptable and advantageous terms.

In order to offer to the client more effective solutions to the above-mentioned problem, the advocates of "AM" specialized in the field of labor law, Narine Sargsyan and Hayk Barseghyan, studied the employee's employment contract, the internal disciplinary rules to the company and proposed, based on the interests of the customer, a solution to the negotiated problem. As a result, it was possible to find a mutually acceptable solution to the problem and the employment contract was terminated by the mutual agreement of the parties, thus preventing the customer from pursuing his possibly lengthy and costly litigation.

Long years of experience in investigating and resolving labor disputes show  that an out-of-court settlement solution (bargaining) is more effective for parties, and lawyers of "AM" are always ready to provide advices on this process.

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