Deputy Prime Minister Avetik Eloyan's interests will be defended by “AM” Law Firm

13 January, 2020

Former head of the State Cadastre Committee Sarhat Petrosyan has spread defamatory information that Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan's adviser Avetik Eloyan is allegedly linked to corruption and receives orders for abuse of power.

The information is untrue: it was also checked by law enforcement authorities and the criminal case was dismissed.

In this connection, Avetik Eloyan applied to “AM” Law Firm, after which Vanik Margaryan, an advocate of the company, undertook the defense of the latter's interests and filed a lawsuit seeking a retraction.

On January 10, 2020, Sarhat Petrosyan publicly stated that the continuation of the case was not in Avetik Eloyan's interests and that the claim had already been rejected, which was not true. The claim was returned by the court for formal reasons and violation of procedural deadlines, after which the claim was re-filed on 27.12.2019. There is no decision yet on whether to take the action.

The aforementioned case and its subsequent proceedings are not exclusively in the interests of Sarhat Petrosyan, whose statements of slander are indisputable, which will eventually lead to legal responsibility for the latter through the efforts of the “AM” Law Firm.

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