The doctor, client of “AM”, who was charged with two deaths, was acquitted

22 January, 2020

Still 2018, a leading doctor at the “Slav Medical Center” anesthesiology service had applied to “AM” who was charged in connection with the criminal case initiated in connection with the death of Mary Margaryan and her daughter.

The doctor being on duty at Shengavit Medical Center as an anesthesiologist-reanimatologist was accused on the day of the incident as a result of negligent and dishonest treatment of his professional duties, which negligently caused the death of the patient, Mary Margaryan, and her newborn.

In August 2018, the criminal case was sent to the court. Due to the efforts of Levon Sahakyan, advocate of “AM” Law Firm, in September 2019 the defendant was acquitted. The court recognized and declared the doctor's innocence. The prosecutor, however, filed appeals.

On January 20, the RA Court of Appeal also dismissed the appeals and upheld the acquittal.

As a result, the healthcare sector did not unnecessarily lose conscientious and competent doctor, who every day provides medical assistance to the citizens of the Republic of Armenia and not only.

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