In a new procedure for quick repayment of debts, “AM” won in the court in a short period

10 February, 2020

A client of the “AM” Law Firm had several cases of confiscation of funds that required legal representation within the shortest possible time and without the hassle of litigation.

The advocate of the company Hayk Barseghyan decided to file the lawsuits in the framework of the simplified procedure.

The Civil Procedure Code of the Republic of Armenia, which entered into force in 2018, introduced the institute of simplified procedure, by which the features recorded allowed the judicial representation in the debt collection process to be carried out faster, saving the client’s time and expenses.

Simplified procedure implies a plain process for examining a case complying with the general rules of civil case examination and specific rules determined for simplified procedure without judicial procedure for convening the session.

The purpose is to save on court resources by not overloading individual cases with unnecessary procedural stages.

Accordingly, from now on the simplified procedure will be dealt with the claims for confiscation not exceeding 2 million. In addition, the court of first instance may also consider other cases in a simplified procedure if there is a written agreement between all the parties involved in the case to be examined in a simplified procedure, provided that no person participating in the case within the two-week time limit for filing an appeal object to the case being examined in a simplified procedure.

As a result, after a while the court satisfied our advocate's claims, and the client received court rulings on those cases.

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