Arsen Torosyan's spokesperson defeated in court the media that published the offensive article

28 March, 2020

In May 2019, “Hraparak” daily published a news article under the heading “Ministry of Health conceals what happened and takes Lfik under its auspices”, containing offensive remarks to Alina Nikoghosyan, spokeswoman for the RA Minister of Health.

In June 2019 partner of “AM” Law Firm, advocate David Hunanyan filed a lawsuit on behalf of the RA Ministry of Health's press secretary against “Hraparak Daily” LLC with the demand to protect the honor and dignity of publicly offended.

The Court of First Instance of Yerevan upheld the lawsuit filed by the “AM” Law Firm and obliged “Hraparak Daily” LLC to apologize publicly for expressions containing insult to the press secretary of the Minister of Health, as well as confiscate 200,000 AMD from “Hraparak Daily” LLC as compensation for insult.

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