RA citizens have become victims of fraud of fake car importers: a criminal case has been initiated due to the efforts of “AM” advocate

14 September, 2020

Two citizens of Armenia has been applied to “AM” Law Firm informing that in March of the given year they saw an announcement on organization of the purchase of cars from the USA auction and transportation to Armenia on the website list.am. The contacted the persons through the telephone number indicated in the announcement, who expressed readiness to buy any vehicle from the USA auction and import it to Armenia as employees of a company providing such services. “AM” clients agreed and transferred about 5,500 USD for provision of the above services. After some time, it turned out that the above-mentioned persons had not bought any kind of vehicle with the money received and does not intend to transport to Armenia. Moreover, wanting to cover up their alleged criminal activities they drafted bonds and documents entitled “Sale and purchase” contracts as if there are civil relations between the parties.

Examining the materials provided by the clients related to this case “AM” advocate Hayk Barseghyan came into a conclusion that it is possible that an act provided by the Article 178 of the RA Criminal Code (ie fraud) exists in the actions of these persons and decided to prepare a report on crime on behalf of the clients and submit to the relevant department of the RA Police.

Additional proofs were provided to the criminal prosecution authorities during the investigation, as well as the protection of the interests of the persons who reported the crime was organized. At the end of the investigation the criminal prosecution authority took a decision to initiate a criminal case related to these cases with combination of sufficient proofs. The investigation is continuing.

Notification. A person accused of a crime is presumed innocent until his guilt is proven with a court judgment entered into legal force in the order determined by law.

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