“AM” summarizes the year with another court victory: the court decided that Arsen Torosyan was insulted

25 December, 2020
Sergey Chamanyan, registered as a user in Facebook social network made a post on his personal page in November, 2019 defaming the honor and dignity of the Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan․ The defender of Arsen Torosyan’s interests, partner, advocate in “AM” Law Firm David Hunanyan applied to the court demanding a public apology from Sergey Chamanyan to the Minister of Health A. From Torosyan. The court of general instance of Yerevan city satisfied the demand of “AM” advocate David Hunanyan and obliged Sergey Chamanyan to publicly apologize to the Minister of Health for insulting expressions on his personal Facebook page or through the print media with a circulation of at least 5,000 copies, as well as provided compensation for the insult.
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