They wanted to arrest again the volunteer who had just returned from the front. “AM” has recorded another success

23 November, 2020
The investigator’s motion on extension of the term of arrest of the defendant of Levon Sahakyan, advocate of “AM” Law Firm again was rejected by the Court of general jurisdiction of Shirak region in the October of 2020 and the latter was released from the courtroom. He was unjustifiably accused under Articles 112-113 of the RA Criminal Code (causing moderate and severe damage to health). Spending several days with his family after his release the accused departs to defend the homeland on the voluntary basis by a truck belonging to him with a right of ownership being included in the RA Armed Forces. Participating in various military operations during the war, he directly saved the lives of 4-5 Armenians, including high-ranking officers by car. While performing a combat task, the accused appears alone under the three-sided fire of the enemy and is miraculously saved with the help of special detachments of the RA Armed Forces. He continues to serve until the end of the military state. Recently the accused received a permission from the command and returned to his family for a few days and was informed that the prosecutor’s office of Shirak region appealed the decision made by the court of first instance and demands to arrest him. With the submitted motion the prosecutor was insisting that staying in freedom the accused may obstruct the examination of the case. With the minimum efforts of Levon Sahakyan, the advocate of “AM” Law Firm RA Court of Appeal, in the person of the judge Sevak Hambardzumyan rejected the more than unfounded complaint of the prosecutor's office and the accused continues to serve for the homeland.
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