“AM” was recognized the number one in Armenia in the rating system of law firms “Pravo.ru-300”

2 April, 2021

“AM” Law Firm is in the first place of the first group of the leading law firms of Armenia according to “Pravo.ru-300”, which is the most reputable Russian maker of legal rating prepared by the experts of Pravo.ru-300 International.

While making the rating the experts of “Pravo.ru-300 took into account the work experience of the company, its reputation, the quality of the services provided, the prizes received from different companies, the opinions and appraisals of other law firms operating in the region.

Partner, advocate of “AM Law Firm David Hunanyan talking about the company, emphasized that “AM” works mainly with the corporate clients. “In practice the whole legal market in Armenia is occupied by the local companies and private advocates and lawyers. The citizens apply to the latter more frequently and the clients of local law firms are usually the representatives of business sector and foreign holdings”.

“AM” Law Firm was guaranteed by “Pravo.ru-300” for the legal assistance to the business, general legal issues, resolution of disputes, provision of services in the fields of intellectual property, IT/telecommunication, digital technologies, labor law, reorganization and bankruptcy of legal entities.

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