The parent against his family members: the lawyers of "AM" won another victory

7 March, 2022

The lawyers of "AM" Law Firm won another victory in the court. The citizen filed a lawsuit in June 2021, requesting to declare invalid the application for privatization of his living space signed by him and as a consequence declare invalid the registered property right of his family members towards the given apartment and to recognize his property right as sole owner.

In particular, the issue of was the application for the privatization of the apartment space made on June 14, 1997 which according to the plaintiff was signed by him under the under the influence of violence, threats, and delusion by his family members, as a result of which the plaintiff's family members became co-owners of the given real estate.

As a result of joint work of lawyes of ''AM'' Law Firm Margarita Beglaryan and Ashot Shamshyan a response was filed against the lawsuit, asking the court to reject the lawsuit in full and to apply the statute of limitations.

The court found the arguments presented by the lawyers of "AM" Law Firm to be well-founded the plaintiff did not substantiate in any way the fact that the application was made under the influence of violence, threat or significant misconduct Moreover, the court also stated the fact that the plaintiff had already learned on the day of filing the application about the circumstances that he had cited as a basis for invalidating the transaction, namely that an application was filed under the influence of alleged violence or threats. Meanwhile, the plaintiff had filed the lawsuit in 2021, 24 years after the application was made, skipping the deadline set by the statute of limitations.

Taking into account the above-mentioned, the court, in the person of judge M. Hovakimyan, decided to reject the plaintiff's claims on the grounds of applying statute of limitations.

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