Due to “AM” advocates the care of the child was handed over to the father

22 April, 2022

The citizen, who applied to the “AM” Law Firm, stated that his wife had filed a lawsuit in court demanding to determine the child's care and place of residence to the mother.

Examining the circumstances of the case advocates of “AM” Paytsar Qocharyan and Hayk Barseghyan filed a counterclaim, as well as a motion to change the order of securing the claim and to establish an order of appointment. The motion substantiated the need for the father to be engaged in raising the child: the court upheld it.

As a result of the negotiations between the advocates, the mother of the child agreed to the counter-demand of “AM”.

The settlement agreement was submitted to the court, but the latter postponed the approval of the settlement agreement invited a relevant specialist to obtain a professional opinion and based on the requirements of Article 203 of the RA Civil Procedure Code.

According to the invited specialist, there are no health or other obstacles for the father to properly organize the child's care.

As a result, the claim filed by “AM”'s attorneys was upheld, and the care of the child was handed over to the father.

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