Political technologist Karen Kocharyan must apologize to Arsen Torosyan and pay 300,000 drams. “AM” registered another victory

29 June, 2022

Back on November 11, 2020, the political technologist Karen Kocharyan make a publication on his Facebook page, in which he insulted the former Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan.

Arsen Torosyan applied to “AM” Law Firm to get legal support.

The company's chief legal advisor, advoacte Davit Hunanyan, applied to the court of general jurisdiction with a demand to oblige Karen Kocharyan to apologize to the former minister and pay compensation. The application was accepted for proceedings.

Although Karen Kocharyan's representative objected to the lawsuit during the court hearing, the court decided to satisfy the lawsuit on February 2 of this year.

Disagreeing with the judgement, the representative of the political technologist filed an appeal, demanding the annulment of the judgement. The Court of Appeal rejected the appeal by the decision made on June 10, 2022, obliging Karen Kocharyan to apologize to Arsen Torosyan and pay 300,000 AMD as compensation.

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