The deceased's wife was accused of self-righteousness and intentionally destroying someone else's property: thanks to the lawyer of “AM”, the woman was acquitted

2 December, 2022

Back in 2005, the couple built a private house on the land they acquired, but registered it in the name of the house worker. The house was operated exclusively by the spouses and daughter, where the husband died after more than 10 years of cohabitation.

After the death of the husband, the mother and sisters tried to deprive the wife of the property acquired during their life together. By influencing the house worker and convincing her, the real estate formally registered in her name was transferred to the mother of the deceased under the donation contract.

Later, the husband's mother also dies, who had bequeathed the house to her daughters. The sisters change the locks and equip the house with a security system. The woman, in her turn, returning home, changes the door locks, damages the security system and continues to operate it.

The deceased husband's sisters applied to law enforcement officers as a result of which the woman is charged with self-righteousness and intentional destruction of someone else's property.

The defense of the woman was undertaken by Levon Sahakyan, advocate of “AM” Law Firm, thanks to whose work the judge of the general jurisdiction court of Tavush region, Zoya Zakinyan, acquitted the woman on the basis of the lack of criminality in the act.

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