Within the framework of debt collection service of ''AM'', the obligation of 10 million AMD was recovered

27 January, 2023

Within the framework of the tripartite agreement, the public organization provided financial support to the cooperatives and organizations operating in the RA regions in exchange for which the latter were obliged to develop economic activities in their communities and to return the support within the terms set by the contract.

However, the deadlines had passed and the obligations had not been fulfilled, so it was necessary to organize the recovery of debts by court order.

Partner of ''AM'' Law Firm David Hunanyan and advocate Hayk Barseghyan developing legal defense tactics, prepared appropriate claims.

As a result of the study of submitted claim and proofs the court concluded that the document signed by the defendant with the superscript "Receipt" is a promissory note by which binding relations arose between the plaintiff and the defendant.

The promissory note is a proof by which the defendant undertakes to return to the plaintiff the amount received in the tripartite transaction. Իt is a document issued by the defendant, by which the latter accepted his obligation to pay 10 million AMD to the plaintiff.

According to the decision of the court, the plaintiff acquired the right to demand from the debtor to fulfill his assumed obligation to pay the plaintiff 10 million AMD within the period specified by the mentioned document.

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