Only the Clarification of All Questions Will Help to Defend Actor Karen Mkrtchyan. AM Law Firm

18 July,

“Karen Mkrtchyan has nothing to hide. We are confident that everything will become clear after the police investigation,” senior legal advisor, advocate of AM law firm Vahagn Dalakyan told during the meeting with the journalists.

We would like to recall that last year in December actor Karen Mkrtchyan was beaten by unknown persons in front of the entrance of his house. Afterwards Karen Mrktchyan’s health condition got worse. He had to undergo medical treatment in Germany. Karen’s friends started a campaign in social networks. Some months he underwent medical treatment in Germany. The actor can now walk on his own and talk normally. On 6th of July he returned to Armenia and after his return one of the Facebook users distributed announcement on Karen Mrktchyan being a quack who had deceptively used the 80 000 euro donated for him.

“Karen arrives to Germany with his happy friend and after the examination it is revealed that no operation is needed. He was prescribed to some medications, massages and in no time he recovered. Meanwhile the freedom fighter and hero Karen did not forget to send emotional photos and letters from Germany,” wrote the facebook user, demanding to publicize the expenditures made.

As a reply to that accusation Karen Mkrtchyan said that he had all the documentations that verify his operation. He also mentioned that out of the donated 80 000 Euros 13 000euors still remain and he would use it in October when he again travels to Germany for medical treatment. Based on the information distributed the Police is gathering materials to find out whether there was a case of fraud (deception) or not.

V. Dallakyan also mentioned that the police contrary to private individuals can apply to relevant medical institutions in order to obtain necessary information.

AM law firm Chief legal adviser, advocate Davit Hunanyan told that the documents presented by Karen did not give rise to any doubt. According to him, the information presented by the Facebook user is not based on facts but on assumptions.

Karen Mkrtchyan who was present at the press conference said that the experts had reviewed the documents and had some questions in regards to them to which he provided answers: “One of the documents which was scanned and sent; is the amount for the preliminary payment. I could have even not presented it. I had the original document of it with the legal seal. They pay attention to the document sent electronically but do not pay attention to the barcode of the payment on the document I have with me. It is due to the absence of the knowledge of the  people.

The Police took under question thestatement of the person who I and people in my surrounding do not know. He wrote something without evidences, facts. I am very much offended, very-very much,” said the actor, adding that he does not want to answer any questions although he got into that evil trap in the beginning.

He mentioned that at the moment his health condition is satisfactory; “It is not complete, the treatment should be continued. I am very grateful to the people who provided me with the opportunity to get the treatment.”

Answering the question on what is stated in his final epicrisis  the actor answered, “It is very private. I am offended and feel humiliated. Should I take off my clothes to show the operation?!”

As to the question whether he sees any connection between the person who beat him months ago and the person who wrote the status, the actor said, “I am sure that if those two are not the same person, at least they are of same mind, they have the same blood, they are evil.”

In regard to the question why he did not sue the person who had beaten him, Karen Mkrtchyan answered, “I am Christian and I forgive. And if this is considered wrong, I am not going to make excuses. I have forgiven that person, let God punish him.” 

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