25 June,

Amendments to the rules of charging for parking, in particular, a three-fold increase in the time period for the free parking (from 5 to 15 minutes), is primarily aimed at trying to make the new system of parking spaces in Yerevan more convenient for the residents and visitors. This was informed to the reporter of REGNUM News Agency by  Grigor Minasyan -member of the Council of the Elders of Yerevan, on behalf of the ruling Republican Party.

He clarified: “In addition to being a new system, it is also in need of improvement and restructuring, since with time shortcomings are being revealed only after correction of which we can get a really comfortable city for the drivers. The main positive result of these changes is that in case of parking for a short period of time drivers do not have to pay. Moreover 5 minutes were often not enough for the drivers to make the payment and therefore some of them were unfairly being fined. Now, not only has the free parking time been increased, but it has also been decided to place terminals for payments directly at the parking lots "

In the amendments adopted on  24June  special attention is paid to the problems of persons with disabilities. As per the suggestion of Grigor Minasyan persons with disabilities and the owners of vehicles transporting them are exempt from paying for parking.

"This is a necessary but not a sufficient step towards ensuring that Yerevan becomes more comfortable and accessible for the persons with disabilities. Much remains to be done, but I think that the management of our city will not be limited by this, as Mayor Taron Margaryan has always been sincerely interested in problems of persons with disabilities. Many members of the Council of the Elders are also concerned; we have new ideas for the development of our city in this direction, "- said Minasyan.

At the same time the member of the Council of the Elders of Yerevan mentioned,- “unfortunately, we have not yet managed to bring to life most of the desires and programs of residents of Yerevan. But those who live in Yerevan or from time to time visit this beautiful city, cannot help but notice those significant changes that are visible at every turn. In Soviet times Yerevan was being compared to Paris. Today it is really a beautiful European capital. However, each resident of Yerevan is fairly demanding, and no one will stope here. Hence, we can say that not all the requirements of our citizens are satisfied, but we are on our way of doing soll stope heredirection,er of REGNUM News Agency by  "- Grigor Minasyan summed up. 

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