AM Law Firm at Armenian Business Meeting

24 November, 2014

Chief legal advisers, advocates of AM Law Firm Vanik Margaryan and Levon Sahakyan have presented the legal services of the company at Armenian Business Meeting forum.

Realizing the legal issues that businesses can come across, as well as encouraging to increase profitability and the company management efficiency, the attorneys paid special attention to development of internal corporate documents and business contracts, protection of interests when dealing with governmental institutions, resolution of other business related issues such as labour, contract disputes with international organizations, acquisition of various licenses, real estate transactions, protection of intellectual property and other rights, as well as economic crimes.  

Vanik Margaryan and Levon Sahakyan also emphasized the experience and professional capacity of AM Law Firm in various fields, which being the company's greatest assets, facilitates to come up with prompt and productive solutions to the problems at hand. More than 50 businessmen from 27 companies of various backgrounds were present from the Armenian business community at the Armenian Business meeting.  This business forum was an opportunity for revising B2B connections and stimulating the multipolar and productive cooperation with other companies.


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