Inauguration of the new branch of European Public Law Organization in Armenia

17 December, 2014

 Today, on the 17th of December took place the official inauguration of the new branch of European Public Law Organization in Armenia.  European Public Law Organization is an international organization aiming the creation of knowledge and its dissemination in the field of public law, as well as the dissemination of the European values all over the world.

14 countries (Greece, Armenia, France, Italy, Cyprus, Ukraine, Georgia, Romania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, and Albania), 6 international organizations and 64 internationally recognized universities are the members of EPLO. 

During the official inauguration the President of the Board of Directors of EPLO, professor Spyridon Flogaitis and the director of the Armenian branch, PHD in Law Grigor Minasyan gave a speech.

Grigor Minasyan especially mentioned. “Various difficult questions related to the development of the Armenian legislation can receive their answers with the expert support of the leading lawyers in Europe involved in the professional network of this organization”.

During his speech professor Flogaitis said. “The opening of our first and the only branch in the region will contribute to the development of the public law in Armenia. It is in very good hands, in the hands of those people who have  longtime experience and good imagination of what we want to develop in the member countries and in the world”.



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