AM law firm opened its branch in Stepanakert

19 October, 2015

AM law firm, one of the biggest law firms in Armenia, today opened its first branch in Stepanakert.

During the branch opening ceremony Grigor Minasyan, the managing partner of the firm, noted that examining the legal field of Artsakh and seeing the potential, existing here, as well as taking into account the absence  of law firm corresponding to the international standards, they decided to open the their first branch in Artsakh.

In addition to provision of legal services, AM team intends also to carry out educational programs and  exchange of experience in Artsakh, as well as involve lawyers of Artsakh  in global network to which the firm  has already joined.

Grigor Minasyan is sure that in a short time they will reach that local lawyers provide services to numerous clients of the firm, which are located in different countries.

Demetrios Demetriades, a famous specialist  in the sector of investment advocay in Europe was also present to the ceremony of opening, who creates partnerships with law firms, operating in small countries, like Armenia and  Georgia and who came to Artsakh to share his knowledge and experience . For that purpose, today, in the building of newly opened branch a conference took place during which Demetrios Demetriades shared the experience, which they had in  promotion of Cyprus economy and he spoke about how it is possible to promote the development of economy and growth of foreign investments in Artsakh.

Cyprus, which was occupied by Turkey, years ago had the same problem and I am here to show the ways due to which a success was achieved in  Cyprus”,-noted the guest adding that through their activity law firms may have a major role in it .

Founded in 2012, AM law firm provides legal services in each legal field. The Company has partners  in neighbouring Georgia and Iran, as well as in United States and Europe.

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