The cultural dispute ended in asking for forgiveness from Ervand Kochar Museum

19 February, 2016

The best result of  advocacy is the extrajudicial settlement of similar disputes. “AM” law firm managed to assure a legally effective solution for the successors  and museum of Ervand Kochar without further litigation in the current stage.  More detailed information hereof is presented in the following media reference:

A. Ghanalanyan, who made slanderous statements addressed to the Ervand Kochar museum, acted with an announcement and asked for forgiveness. Particularly, the latter told: “I am asking forgiveness from the reader and supposed addressee, the “Ervand Kochar Museum” SNCO in order to expiate the consequences of misunderstanding”.

 Let us remind that the announcement published on behalf of social organization “National architect Rafayel Israyelyan” in connection with the sculpture “Eagle of Zvartots”, which cast doubt on the authorship of  Ervand Kochar towards the sculpture by using slanderous expressions, received quite great social interest a few days ago.

“AM” law firm assumed the protection of the rights of the museum and successors of Ervand Kochar informing the public that the appropriate legal proceedings are started in order such announcements get concrete reaction in the legal field, which was effectual in fact.

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