Free legal consultation day in Gyumri branch relating the issues on litigating the road police acts

20 May, 2016

The number of administrative acts made by the RA road police is rapidly increasing in connection with installation of speed radars and cameras recording violations of traffic rules. Emphasizing the issue of protection of the drivers rights by litigating the acts, as well as taking into account the difficulties of the payment of the penalties already defined by the mentioned acts «AM» law firm will provide consultation and clarifications to the Gyumri resident drivers on the issues of litigating the acts of the Road police within the next day of monthly free legal consultations organized in Gyumri branch.

The next open door day will take place on 26 May, at 10:00-18:00, in 1/5 str, G. Nzhdeh, Gyumri.

For registering in advance, please call (0312) 3-03-26. 

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