We are looking for a lawyer with knowledge of Georgian

7 September, 2016

The company invites to a job a lawyer with knowledge of Georgian, who may be engaged in protection of interests of the client of “AM” Law Firm, having activity in Georgia. The knowledge of English is also preferable. As necessity of implementation of some works  in the territory of Georgia is also possible, the existence of local advocate license is preferable.                                  

Several clients of “AM” Law Firm have already started activity in Georgia and on that occasion our services are also extended in Georgian market. Along with the increase of the volume of services, necessity of extension of legal team, as well as of administrative team of our company arose. For that purpose, we are asking to send your CVs to the e-mail address [email protected] or to call to our Yerevan office to the telephone number 060 44 26 26.

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