Day of open doors at Gyumri branch on family law, on issues related to divorce and sharing the common property of spouses.

17 October, 2016

The free legal consultation  to the residents of Shirak region continues  at the branch of  Gyumri of  “AM”  Law Firm.

Taking  into account  the  large  number of  applicants  in the office of  Gyumri on the issues of divorce and  many  issues  related to family relations , the next day of monthly free legal  consultation “AM” law firm will execute on the issues mentioned , especially, disputes arising between spouses by divorce, as well as provision of consultation and explanations on disputes related to the care of children after divorce.

The  following  day of open doors will take place on 20 October, at 10:00-18:00m in the address: Gyumri, G. Nzhdeh 1/5.

For pre-registration , please call by the following number: (0312) 3-03-26.

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