Another victory of “AM” Law Firm by a tax case

1 November, 2016

By an inspection act of  Tax Authorities additional tax obligations were imposed to the client of our firm related to the deduction of the profit tax calculated and paid instead of the non-resident companies. Particularly, it was recorded by the act that the profit tax of non-resident must be deducted from the invoice value and not to be calculated towards the value established by the invoice.

As a result, an application was made by the lawyers of "AM" Law Firm to the Appeal Committee of Tax body of RA SRC which was satisfied: the additional large amount of  tax liability (fine) imposed to  Client of our firm was eliminated by an act of inspection indicating that the company has made the calculation, payment and deduction of profit tax of non-resident from  its gross profit precisely.

Similar victories are the most valuable because the problem is solved quickly without a judicial process by proving that it is possible to solve the problem by means of the Appeal Committee of Tax body.

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