The difference of the textbook knowledge and the real life presented to the students of the French University

10 April, 2017

During their visit to one of the biggest law firm in the country dozens of students from the Law Department of the French University were granted the opportunity to compare and juxtapose their academic knowledge with the practical application of law in Armenian reality.

«AM» Law Firm hosted the law students of French University (partner university of University Jean Moulin Lyon 3 in France) in its headquarter. The Chief legal adviser and an Advocate of the firm Narine Sargsyan gave a talk about the difficulties of working with state agencies, as well as the legal gaps and issues in different spheres.

Students were interested whether international private law is of high relevance in Armenia, and what kind of services does «AM» Law Firm provide to foreign investors. The students were presented with the practice of the firm in that sphere, as well as the problems arising during the service provision in international private law and the appropriate solutions.

During the discussions the students were given the opportunity to get an insight about the work of a lawyer. The future lawyers were also presented with the possibilities and the procedure for becoming an intern in or for being hired by the «AM» Law Firm.

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