The World Bank thanked the leading law firm of Armenia

28 April, 2017

The World Bank addressed an official letter of gratitude to «AM» Law Firm, noting that the provided information on conditions, promoting  the agriculture of Armenia had a decisive significance for preparation of report  ‘’Enabling the Business of Agriculture’’ (EBA) 2017 and for implementation of analysis. At the same time, the World Bank expressed wish and willingness to cooperate with «AM» Law Firm during the preparation of the next report. The World Bank expressed gratitude with special certificates to Eva Arakelyan, Partner and Narine Sargsyan, Chief Legal Adviser of  «AM», who made detailed examination and analysis of legislation, regulating RA sector of agriculture, in the result of which provided necessary  information on legislative regulations of agriculture of Armenia to the World Bank.

The discussed report of World Bank  presents data that measure legal barriers for businesses operating in agriculture in 62 economies and across 12 topic areas. The data can be used by governments, investors, analysts, researchers and others interested in the regulatory environment for agribusiness, to assess countries’ performance on the topics measured and to identify regulatory good practices.

It should be noted that since 2013 the World Bank implements the project ‘’Enabling the Business of Agriculture’’ (EBA), in the frame of which publishes reports on the agriculture sectors of different countries of the world and on conditions, promoting  them. The sector of agriculture has an important role in the context of realization of two most important purposes of the World Bank-extreme poverty eradication and promotion of universal prosperity.

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