There are risks in the project of restoration of ancient streets of Gyumri for the residents of that streets

15 May, 2017

«Kumayri Veratsnund» investment fund was founded in Gyumri, the aim of which is restoration of two ancient streets of Gyumri (Gorki and Rustaveli) and turning of them to business center. There is a risk, that without presenting a precise project,  people will be obliged to sell their houses or to  leave them and to  become  a shareholder in fund without mentioning fixed price per square meter in case of sale. It was also not presented  how  many shares will be provided  instead of certain territory in case of becoming a shareholder.

«AM» Law Firm, valuing the interests of residents of Gyumri, will provide consultation regarding this and other issues and will clarify to the citizens what income people may expect giving their houses  in the frame of that project or what will happen if the activity of the fund does not succeed and a bankruptcy process begins.

Free of charge consultation will take place on 18th of  May, at 10:00-18:00  in the address: Gyumri, G. Nzhdeh 1/5.

For pre-registration, please call to the following number: (0312) 3-03-26.

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