The mistake of inspectors in the amount of 5 million was corrected by Complaint Commission of State Revenue Committee

25 September, 2017

During importation of a number of European products to Armenia, customs  inspectors carried out a proper inspection of  the "Red Path" procedure, as a result of which the product was omitted, because no mistake was found. As  a  result of the customs inspection carried out at the given Armenian importer by the State Revenue Committee's Post-Clearance Control Department, it was found out that the goods that were examined were registered with incorrect codes. As a result, a fine in the amount of  about 5 million AMD was imposed to the company, not taking into account  that the fine actually arose as a result of violations by customs inspectors.

Vanik Margaryan, head of the appropriate team of «AM» Law Firm and the specialists involved with the case filed a complaint to the Complaint Commission of  State Revenue Committee, explaining the unlawfulness of the imposed fine. As a result, the Complaint Commission completely satisfied the complaint, eliminating the fines imposed. Moreover, the above-mentioned commission noted in its decision that in case of proper fulfillment of  its duties by the customs  authority, the fined entity will be free of the obligation to pay penalties calculated in the act.

Thus, «AM» Law Firm registered a positive result by the customs case, without even applying to the court, which proves once again the efficiency of applying to the Complaint commission of State Revenue Committee.

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