Armenian businessmen now have a new chance of legal protection in 9 European countries

12 October, 2017

On October 4, the Armenian-Czech business forum was held, and Vanik Margaryan, the Partner of «AM» Law Firm, also took an active part in the work.

«AM» Law Firm has reached a number of agreements with representatives of the Czech Industrial Union in connection with providing legal assistance to Czech businessmen interested in investing in Armenia. In addition, the leading Armenian law firm offered Czech businessmen free advice on the procedure and peculiarities of establishing a company in Armenia.

During the conference the opportunity was strengthened to strengthen contacts with Czechka leading company Peterka & Partners, with which «AM» Law Firm had previously some experience of cooperation with several legal cases.

Considering that Peterka & Partners has branches in nine European countries (Bulgaria, Poland, Belarus, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Slovakia, Russia), an agreement was reached to offer high-quality legal services. On the other hand, an agreement was reached to provide support to all Peterka & Partners customers who would be interested in investing, acting or protecting their interests in Armenia.

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