7 million has been returned. Another victory of the debt collecting service

9 February, 2018

One of the largest airline ticket sales company in Armenia concluded a service provision agreement with a non-governmental organisation, based on which the latter provided the necessary amount of airline tickets, however the non-governmental organization didn’t make the payment for the received airline tickets because of some financial difficulties.

The parties tried to solve the problem by themselves, but they couldn’t solve it for a long time and the business relations between those two companies had turned into civil dispute. In this confused situation the airline ticket sales company has decided to apply to “AM” Law Firm to get back its money.

The employees from the department of the debt collection services of “AM” Law Firm, headed by Hayk Barseghyan, took all the necessary actions for solving the problem without applying to the court. Particularly, due to the negotiations the parties reached an agreement, as a result of which 7 million AMD has been returned totally in a relatively short period of time, then it would be returned in case of legal proceedings. Thus, the professionals of “AM” Law Firm succeeded in collecting the debt in a short period of time and without court proceedings which has not been returned for a long time, besides, they were able to recover business relations between parties.  

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