Your legal problems in the United Arab Emirates hereinafter can be solved via “AM” Law Firm

25 June, 2018

Your legal problems in the United Arab Emirates hereinafter can be solved via “AM” Law Firm

“AM” Law Firm continues to expand geography of its services. The company has signed memorandums with the private bank “Index and Cie” and with “Ishtiaq Rana Company”.

The private bank “Index and Cie” located in the international financial centre of Dubai offers a wide range of banking and financial services, asset management of natural persons and legal entities, management of investment portfolio, various investment services, opening of bank accounts for residents and non-residents. The bank offers access to all the financial and investment markets of the world through the united network.

Due to the new cooperation the clients of “AM” can also make use of the services provided by the bank mentioned above and various other services. “Ishtiaq Rana Company” started its operation from 2004 and offers a wide range of services to its clients: audit services, transactional consulting services, financial consulting, business management, taxation and HR services. The company also provides the company establishment and registration services, the further management services of those companies in the United Arab Emirates.

It is worth mentioning that the United Arab Emirates offers privileged business conditions and relatively affordable tax rates, and Dubai city is an offshore zone according to the appropriate decision of RA Government.

Due to the new cooperation with “Ishtiaq Rana Company” the clients of “AM” Law Firm can also receive quality taxation, accountant and business management services in the United Arab Emirates and Great Britain.

Valuing the importance of providing complex services to its clients “AM” Law Firm continually expands not only the geography of the services around the world, but also cooperates with other reputable companies providing other services.

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