Another victory of "AM" law firm within the services Pro Bono, the citizen had the pension belonging to him.

17 July, 2018

Another victory of "AM"  law firm within the services Pro Bono, the citizen had the pension belonging to him.

Nune Margaryan, a 55-year-old educator, appealed to "AM" law firm for resolving the problem of the unfounded deprivation of her right to receive partial pensions. With more than 25 years of professional experience, 12 of them are educational, Nune Margaryan has applied to the regional division of Social Security on the grounds that she is 55-year-old to receive a partial pension. When she was refused, she appealed to the regional office to request a review of the decision.

Nune Margaryan's application was refused. Examining the details, the  "AM"  law firm decided to voluntarily help Nune Margaryan and restore her rights in court as her representative. Due to the professional work of the firm's lawyers, the court satisfied Nune Margaryan's request and forced the National Social Security Service of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs to take a decision concerning the partial appointment of pensions to Nune Margaryan.

Not being agree with the court's decision, the National Social Security Service appealed to the Court of Appeal. Once again, assuming the protection of the rights of Nune Margaryan, the lawyers of "AM" law firm due to their efforts were able to obtain a fair judicial decision of the Court of Appeal: the court decided to reject the appeal and leave the decision unchanged for the benefit of Nune Margaryan.

By staying true to the principle of corporate social responsibility, the "AM" law firm continues to provide Pro Bono legal assistance to citizens, helping them to restore their rights violated

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