You can resolve your legal issues in the United States through ‘’AM’’ Law Firm

3 December, 2018

You can resolve your legal issues in the United States through ‘’AM’’ Law Firm


Highlighting the cooperation with law firms in the neighboring countries, Europe and Asia, as well as in the United States and acquisition of reliable partners, “AM’’ Law Firm signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Law Firm ‘’Seropian & Associates’’ acting in the United States, founded by our compatriot Edisson Serobian.

The company operates in the American market and provides its clients with high quality legal services for more than 26 years. Due to the cooperation between “AM’’ and “Seropian & Associates’’ Law Firms, our clients can also benefit from these services. “Seropian & Associates’’ provides the following services:

  • Legal support of real estate transactions

ü  the acquisition and disposal of real estate necessary for personal and commercial use, the legal service of the lease process, removal of barriers to real estate and property right by court decision;

ü  solution of judicial and extrajudicial disputes between the seller and the buyer;


  • Legal support for obtaining business visas in different categories, in particular,


ü  L1 visa - intended for international organizations and companies who want to move their worker to the United States to continue their work there,

ü  EB-1 visa - for the people with extraordinary skills in science, business and art,

ü  EB-2 visa - for highly qualified professionals

ü  EB-3 visa - for the people wishing to work in the United States,

ü  EB-5 visa - investment visa,

ü  EB-6 visa - Entrepreneurs'  Visa

Moreover, the EB-5 visa is in great demand and the number of visas of this category issued each year is very limited. The number of applicants over the next year exceeds the number of visas at the end of the previous year.

  • Services in the aviation industry,
  • Registration of companies, their further legal service, legal support for the whole process of establishing and acquiring a business, preparation of contracts and conducting negotiations;
  • Representation of interests of customers in all provincial, state, regional and judicial bodies;
  • Effective management of client assets;
  • compulsory enforcement of rights and obligations through litigation, mediation or arbitration.

Thus, from now on, our clients, who need legal services in the United States, can apply to “AM’’ Law Firm, being confident that they will receive qualitative legal services from two leading companies.

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