Levon Sahakyan, lawyer of the company, spoke about procedures for extradition of political criminals and other persons subjected to criminal prosecution

6 February, 2019

In an interview with Iravaban.net Levon Sahakyan, advocate, partner of “AM” Law Firm referred to political crimes and the extradition procedures of other persons subjected to criminal prosecution.

Levon Sahakyan particularly referred to political crimes. "According to the convention, the murder and assassination of a particular country's leader or his family is not considered a political offense. In connection with this, if it is required an inquiry, it cannot be qualified as a political offense. "

Levon Sahakyan also referred to the issue that the Convention does not regulate in detail the issue of what is considered a political crime. In the Republic of Armenia there is no regulation in the domestic legislation. Levon Sahakyan presented the issue of deadlines of  extradition of detained persons. "When a person is arrested, they can not be held in custody for more than 30 days. If, within that period of 30 days, the requesting State fails to submit an appropriate claim, the person must be released. "

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